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Have you dreamed of building your own home but dread the time, cost and stress that go along with such an undertaking? If you’ve ever known anyone who has built a home from the ground up, you’ve probably heard some pretty troubling things. Building a traditional home from scratch can take years, and it is extremely expensive. Easy Living Homes is changing that. We are Temecula home builders who specialize in custom-designed modular and manufactured homes. Our talented team can help you design and build the home of your dreams in, as early as, 75 days and for half the cost of a stick-built home.

Skilled Craftsmen

At Easy Living Homes, Inc. we employ skilled craftsmen for every aspect of the installation of your new home. From the delivery of the new manufactured home, to the leveling of the building pad, anchoring of the structure, and completing all trim and finishing touches, Easy Living Homes takes the stress out of an otherwise complicated process. When saving time and money are of the essence, you can depend on the skilled representatives of Easy Living Homes. "More Home… Less Money."

15 Month Full Warranty

Backed by over 65 years of experience, Skyline Customer Service is number one in the factory-built housing industry. Our warranty provides you with true peace-of-mind when you move into your new home. Manufacturing defects reported to Skyline within 15 months after original retail delivery by an authorized dealer will be corrected without charge and within reasonable time. Misuse, unauthorized repairs or alterations, minor imperfections and dealer or owner improper transportation or setup are excluded.This warranty gives you specific legal rights.

Skyline Homes are Green

The Skyline Homes on this site are designed and built with Green Construction in mind. Green Construction is much more than installing insulation made from recycled materials. Green Construction is best described as the process of continually searching for better construction methods and energy efficient materials to decrease the impact on the environment of building and owning a home. Skyline Homes is #1 in caring for the customer and #1 in caring for the environment we live in. Skyline- Bringing America Home.


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Do Not be intimidated by the thought of buying and custom building your new home. We make it Fun and exciting to be new homeowners!